Teacher & Staff Favorite Things

FPS Teachers and Staff are the best!

Throughout the year, there may be times that you'd like to thank your child's teacher or other support staff with a special treat but figuring out what they might like can be hard! 

Here come the favorite things lists to the rescue!  Take out the guesswork by checking out the personalized Teacher Favorites Lists below. 




Katie Beal

Tonya Bordner

Raquel Boruff

Hannah Bowers

Melissa Bumgardner

Casey Campbell

Lily Duncan

Wendy Gilstrap

Theresa Guetzloff

Kinzie Heflin

Mandy Kincaid

Heather Mahoney

Kara Malone

Ally McMillan

Laura Proffitt

Christy Raines

Amber Roberts

Hannah Scott

Amy Stackhouse







Jodi Berry 

Jessica Burkhart

Christy Bruchey

Katie Gagley

Joy Hicks

Tim Holt

Sarah Kerstetter

Kim Lara

Leslie Louviere

Sophia Love

Brooke Maner

Jane Manning

Michele McAmis

Mandy Merrifield

Danielle Sanchez

Melanie Shilling

Megan Thompson







Jeanne Beattie

Danielle Ashley

Tracy Best

Cara Bledsoe

Jennifer Boneta

Mary Beth Buckshorn

Sabrena Crawford

Alyson Degges

Becky Edwards

Meredith Ginn

Rhonda Hall


Kenslee Hodges

Hillary Hogue

Mia Jenkins

Leah Key

Lauren Mack

Alicia Pearson

Caroline Petre

Erica Scheve

Julianna Shpik

Melinda Webster









Mary Catherine Adams - Encore (Art)

Wendi Adams - Educational Assistant

Lesley Anderson - Tutor

Angela Allen - SPED

Libby Beidelschies - Speech

Elizabeth Bell - Encore (PE)

Jodi Berry - Educational Assistant

Genie Borrego - SPED

Lori Burnett - Front Office

Jayme Burns - Educational Assistant

Sherren Chadwell - Clinic

Christina Childs - Speech

Jaleece Strong-Clark - Assistant Principal

Caitlin Curtis - Food Service

Hope Davis - Intern (2nd - Buckshorn)

Keely Formont - Bookkeeper/Front Office

Diana Gerchar - Educational Assistant

Lindsay Geoque - School Psychologist

Jennifer Gornowich - Educational Assistant

Ruth Granroth - Encore (Art)

Martina Hajkova - SPED

Hilary Hohl - Encore (Music)

Jill Jennings - SPED

Brittany Karich - Educational Assistant

Laura Knight - SPED

Jaime Lang - Food Service

Wendi Lesmerises - Encore (Library)

Dee Litrakis - Educational Assistant

Kristy McBee - Educational Assistant

Melanie Mohr - Food Service

Christy Munsey - Guidance

Maria Palacio - Food Service

Martha Pate - Tutor

Jane Potter - ELL

Anne Riley - Assistant Principal

Michael Rolan - Security

Valerie Rose - Educational Assistant

Claudia Sanchez - ELL

Marcus Smith - Encore (Music)

Carrie Sweet - Curriculum Coach

Elizabeth Stewart - Encore (STEM)

Serra Stiles - Encore (PE)

Debi Thomson - Front Office

DeAnna Ward - Educational Assistant

Lynn White - Principal

Shawna Woolf -Food Service