FPS 2022-2023 Yearbook Info


Purchase Your Yearbook and Ads now!

Yearbook Cost: $35


Buy a Personalized "Ad" for Your Child!

You can also purchase an "ad" in the yearbook - this is a personalized message that you create for your child that is printed in the "ad" pages in the back of the yearbook! You can even add a special picture of your child! Once you have purchased your ad, Balfour will send you instructions on how to upload and submit pictures/messaging for your ad.


Purchase your ad space by February 24, 2023

1/8 of a page ad - $10

1/4 of a page ad -  $25

1/2 of a page ad -  $50


The direct link to the online store is:


Parents can also go to:

www.balfour.com and go to Choose Your School


We want your pictures!

Send us your best SNAPSHOTS for the YEARBOOK!

Yearbook photographers can’t be everywhere, so if you’ve got great photos of school events, or of your child(ren) and their classmates just having fun, please share them with us.


The more photos you share, the better our yearbook will be for everyone!


There are 3 easy ways to submit your photos (JPEG or PNG format):

 1. Upload Photos from Your Mobile Device:

• Search for Balfour ImageShare in your app store

• Download the app and create your account

• Enter your name, email & our project number 329901

• Check your email for a confirmation code  to complete registration then start uploading!


2. Upload from your Computer

• Go to images.balfour.com
• Enter our project number 329901 (*leave upload code blank)
• Enter name/email and start uploading photos! 

3. Email your photos to yearbook@fpspto.org 


Questions? Email Yearbook@fpspto.org